Call to Ministry
In our gospels we proclaim a Lord who suffers with the suffering, who grieves with the grieving, who knows our isolation, our pain. Every Christian is called to the tasks of healing and comforting and companionship. But there are people among us with special gifts. These people can give their gifts in the name of our St. Maximilian Kolbe Community and become ministers of care. If you are interested in any of these ministries, please contact the parish office.

Ministry of Care to Sick and Elderly:
As a minister to the sick, one is commissioned by the parish to bring this healing, compassion and companionship to the sick and the homebound who are not able to be present at assembly and worship.

Our Ministry of Care:
Consists of the following committees or groups of volunteers who work together to coordinate the needs of those who are experiencing life changes:

  1. Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound
  2. Bereavement Ministers
  3. Visitation Ministers
    a. Visits to home, hospitals, and care centers

Bereavement Ministry:
Seeks to assist individuals or families to plan a funeral or memorial service for a loved one. The Bereavement Ministry meets with the family to plan Scripture readings, prayers, etc. The family involvement in this planning helps to personalize the service and bring them comfort through the process. Pre-planning:

  • The Bereavement Ministry meets with individuals or couples so that neither one’s spouse nor children will have to deal with the planning after death. Families can be sure that one’s final mass at St. Maximilian Kolbe is exactly what their loved one wanted.
  • Grief Support Ministry:
    Gives comfort and help to enable grief-stricken survivors to get back to a semblance of normal and useful life. Group sessions are scheduled during the year.