Worship & Liturgy

Altar Servers (Adult):
To serve at the 8:00 am Mass, Funeral, and Memorial Masses.

Altar Servers (Youth):
To serve at the altar assisting the priest and deacon. Must be 10 years of age or older.

Environmental committee/Decorating the Church:
Be part of a working team to decorate the church environment for the various liturgical seasons.

Eucharistic ministers:
Distribute the Eucharist to the worship assembly. Ministers are selected, approved, and commissioned to the St. Maximillian Community.

Hospitality Ministers (Ushers):
Personally greet people at the church door in a warm inviting way to create an environment of hospitality at worship and assist with the collection along with maintaining safety for the community of worshippers.

Proclaim the Word of God to the worship assembly. Formation for this ministry is provided through scripture study; focus on its specific role in the liturgy and development of the techniques required.

Liturgy Committee:
Assist the Pastor/Administrator in planning for the liturgical year.

Music and Choir:
Participate in the choir during Liturgy to help facilitate the full and active participation of the assembly. Attend choir practice regularly and be at Mass one-half hour early to rehearse.

Participates by projecting the music and prayer throughout the Liturgy. Must arrive one-half hour prior to Mass to set-up and begin announcements.

Resurrection Choir:
The St. Max Resurrection Choir is a unique group of dedicated volunteers who minister to grieving families through music at the Funeral Liturgy.

Prepare vessels, bread, and wine, Sacramentary, etc. one-half hour before Mass. Make sure all scheduled ministers have arrived. Clean vessels and sacristy after the Liturgy.