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About our Memorial Garden
St. Maximilian Kolbe Memorial Garden

St. Maximilian Kolbe Memorial Garden is located in the southwest corner of the parking lot facing what will be the rear of the new church building. Dedicated on May 27, 2003, the garden is a private area surrounded by beautiful landscaping and suitable for meditation and devotion. Praying the Labyrinth in the Garden is a very uplifting prayer experience.

The Garden was established for use by members of St. Maximilian Kolbe Church who desire the cremated remains of their immediate family interred on the church grounds.

The cremated remains are intermixed with the soil of the garden thereby eliminating the need for urns or other containers. Also, markers are not required. In order to identify those who are interred, a plaque is located on the garden wall. The name of the deceased and the date of death will be engraved on a nameplate and attached to the plaque.

Specific death records will be maintained in the parish files. When the cremated remains are present at the Memorial Mass, a graveside ceremony will take place after Mass in the Garden. The cremated remains should be delivered to the Parish Office by the funeral director or a family member on the same day of the Memorial Mass or graveside service.

The church’s position of cremation…

Although accepted when the family feels that cremation is in the best interest of the deceased, it should be emphasized that conventional burial with body and casket is still the recommended method. When cremation is elected, it is important to remember that whenever possible the Memorial Mass should be said.

For more information, please call Maria at the Parish Office, (941) 743-6877.

Please note: Memorial Mass and Music are not included in the memorial


The dedication of the Our Lady’s Garden to the Unborn took place on December 12, 2007. A tombstone to the unborn children was already present in the garden, however, since Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patroness of the unborn, it was decided to replace the existing statute with hers; the existing statute was transferred to the main entrance to the church. The area was landscaped and a walkway laid for wheelchair accessibility. New benches were added for private prayer and meditation.


The St. Joseph statue and garden space was created near the entrance of the church parking lot. The statue and garden, including the foundation, came together under the guidance of Fr. Rafael Padilla and included many people to help make it a successful project. It was dedicated on the Feast of the Solemnity of St. Joseph in 2010. This statue is a reminder to us of the important role that Joseph, the husband of Mary and the adoptive father of Jesus had in his raising and education. St. Joseph is the patron saint of workers, immigrants, a happy death and social justice, to name just a few.