Sacrament of Reconciliation: Confessions are offered on Saturday from 3:00pm to 3:45pm.

Sacrament of Baptism: Call the Parish Office for more information: 941-743-6877. Baptisms are held once a month, below is a list of dates that Baptisms will be held which can be subject to change:
Baptisms in English will be at 10:00 am and in Spanish at 11:00 am.

August 6. 2022
September 3, 2022
October 1, 2022
November 5, 2022
December 3, 2022
January 7, 2023
February 4, 2023
March 4, 2023
April 1, 2023
May 13, 2023
June 3, 2023
No Baptisms in July 2023

Baptism Preparation sessions are held once a month on the following Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. Room Sr. Pat’s Room(English) and MCR room(Spanish). Parents and Godparents MUST attend a preparation session. Please call the church office at (941) 743-6877 to register for the session, with your name and phone number as these dates may change.

English Class and Spanish Class
August 18, 2022
September 15, 2022
October 20, 2022
November 17, 2022
December 15, 2022
January 19, 2023
February 16, 2023
March 16, 2023
April 20, 2023 Changed to April 13, 2023
May 18, 2023
June 15, 2023
July 2023 – NO Baptisms or Class

You may download, print, and fill in the Baptism Registration forms. Please return them to the parish office or at the Baptism Preparation session along with a copy of the child’s birth certificate. There is a $25.00 registration fee for the Baptism



Sacrament of Marriage: Diocese regulations: Couples must be 19 years of age. Couples must call the Parish Office at least six months prior to the anticipated wedding date: 941-743-6877.

Ministry to the Sick: Please call Maria at the parish office if you know of anyone who needs the Eucharist brought to the home or would like a visit.